Our online consecutive Medical Interpreter course is a self-paced, interactive program which offers the flexibility to  access the educational material at your own time. The instructor is available on demand (upon previous mutual agreement) in addition to the regular meeting times to do live practices and oral tests. Our students are able to learn proper pronunciation of words and medical terminology by listening to prerecorded modules that are specific to the different systems of the human body.  Students are asked to record assignments and submit via audio link; the instructor provides continuous feedback on his/her fluency, pronunciation and accuracy. A minimum of one (1) coaching session is conducted to practice the Roles of the interpreter, Code of ethics and Standards of practice and a medical interpreter certificate is issued to each student who passes the oral exam.  A passing grade is 70% or higher in the written exam and 5 or less major deductions on the oral test.

Ideal candidates for this course should have basic knowledge in the health care field, basic computer skills and access to a computer (and internet) and a telephone. Duration is 60 content hours. Our online medical interpreter Course follows the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) guidelines and the recommendations of National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC).

**Students have access to the modules for a period of 5 months from the time of registration





Medtalk Training is licensed by the New Hampshire Department of Education

as a post secondary education program defined in RSA 188-G:1-10

License # MEWI - 161






Student must complete course within 5 months from date of registration, and shall make arrangements to take the final oral exam no later than 2 weeks from the date course was completed. Final oral exam is performed via Skype. If student does not complete online course within the allowed time, a fee of $100 will be required in order to reactive student in the program, and access to educational material will be extended 1 (one) additional month. A fee of $100 will be required for any additional month student requests an extension.



Previous education and training cannot be applied to the courses offered by MedTalk. 



Students may file a grievance with MedTalk, by submitting a written request to Director, idil@medtalktraining.com If the matter is not resolved, students may contact the Office of Career School Licensing, Department of Education, 101 Pleasant St, Concord NH 03301, 603.271.6443



Full Refund. A school shall provide a student with a full refund, if request is made in writing within 72 hours of student receiving access to the modules. After 72 hours, there will be no refund; full, or partial. (1)  All refunds shall be paid within 30 days upon written notification from a student of cancellation or withdrawal; (2)  Students receiving benefits from federal programs shall be subject to federal refund policies, rules and regulations.




A school shall require that notice of withdrawal be in writing, but shall not require a specific manner of delivery.





















Training Member of the IMIA International Medical Interpreters Association




After completion of this Course, the student will be able to:

  • Articulate the difference between “Interpretation” and “translation” as well as quote the three modes of interpretation used in health care.

  • Know the 3 different modes of interpretation used in health care.

  • Interpret using consecutive mode with transparency, completeness and accuracy.

  • Perform a sight translation.

  • Use techniques to improve accuracy like memorization, visualization and note-taking.

  • Identify the Roles of the Interpreter.

  • Follow Code of Ethics of the Interpreter

  • Demonstrate Standards of Practice of the Interpreter

  • Recognize and follow laws, rules and regulations that affect interpreters.

  • Be knowledgeable on HIPAA and follow guidelines.

  • Explain the consequences of inaccurate interpreting (lawsuits and liability)


What do our students say about their experience?

" Detrás de busqueda por la página web del IMIA, encontré a varios programas que ofrecían cursos online para interpretes médicos. Envié varios correos a unos cuantos programas y Medtalk Training era el único que respondió en menos de 48 horas. Desde el momento que empezé la correspondencia con mi profesora, Sra. Idil Ayala, ha sido todo muy fácil... ¡pero no por parte mia!

Empezé el curso con Medtalk Training en España, hice la mayoría de los estudios y tareas en Tailandia, y terminé el curso en los Estados Unidos. No importe donde estaba, me llegaban las respuestas a mis muchas preguntas en 12- 48 horas, sin excepción. He sentido muy apoyada en la enteridad del curso... como estudiante y, cliente. Además, no tuve ningun problema para conectarme al curso... ni para acceder a las lecciones... todo muy fácil y transparente." - Rachel W

COST: $950

Online Medical Interpreter training program designed for individuals who are fluent in English and Spanish.

60 content hours

Accredited by the International Medical Interpreters Association - Commission for Medical Interpreter Education CMIE - Number 01302015


The course was very comprehensive and conducive to both, having the knowledge necessary to being a good medical interpreter and understand the guidelines are roles of the interpreter. I would have liked to know in advance the quantity of time it took to complete the assignments. The instructor was very knowledgeable, kind, timely and encouraging while giving instructions. I have already recommended this course to at least 40 people. I believe it is a course that is thorough and truly prepares the interpreter for their position. Idil Hernandez is an excellent instructor!" - Carey F

"I'm very satisfied, I learned and discover many things from this course that are going to help me with my interpreter roll. Techniques that I didn't know I should use during interpretation. It's very important that every person that is planning to become a Medical Interpreter take this training" - Mayra A

"Thank you for all your unconditional support Idil :)" Susan S.


Contact us at info@medtalktraining.com or call us at 603-770-4218


Interactive Self-Paced Training

 State of the Art self-paced modules that cover Medical Glossaries, Diagrams and interactive Quizzes




We follow the National Standards for Health Care Interpreter Training Programs as  specified by the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care. Our Program teaches the Code of Ethics, Roles of the Interpreter and Standards of Practice following the International Medical Interpreters Association.