" Detrás de busqueda por la página web del IMIA, encontré a varios programas que ofrecían cursos online para interpretes médicos. Envié varios correos a unos cuantos programas y Medtalk Training era el único que respondió en menos de 48 horas. Desde el momento que empezé la correspondencia con mi profesora, Sra. Idil Ayala, ha sido todo muy fácil... ¡pero no por parte mia!

   Empezé el curso con Medtalk Training en España, hice la mayoría de los estudios y tareas en Tailandia, y terminé el curso en los Estados Unidos. No importe donde estaba, me llegaban las respuestas a mis muchas preguntas en 12- 48 horas, sin excepción. He sentido muy apoyada en la enteridad del curso... como estudiante y, cliente. Además, no tuve ningun problema para conectarme al curso...  ni para acceder a las lecciones... todo muy fácil y transparente."  Rachel W

"This is so exciting! Thank you so much for everything, you are such a great teacher! I look forward to receiving the official one in the mail. Thank you so much for everything, including your patience, during this whole process. I will definitely be contacting you with questions!Violeta D


"The course was very comprehensive and conducive to both, having the knowledge necessary to being a good medical interpreter and understand the guidelines are roles of the interpreter. I would have liked to know in advance the quantity of time it took to complete the assignments. The instructor was very knowledgeable, kind, timely and encouraging while giving instructions. I have already recommended this course to at least 40 people. I believe it is a course that is thorough and truly prepares the interpreter for their position. Idil Hernandez is an excellent instructor!"  -  Carey F, March 2016

"I just wanted to let you know that I landed a job as a full time interpreter/translator here in Omaha at CHI Health and I started today. Your hard work getting me through the program has paid off! Hehe hope everything is going well for you.
Gracias de nuevo" Clayton C, 12/30/2015

"This is a superb course!" Maria L.R. 11/17 2015

"I'm very satisfied, I learned and discover many things from this course that are going to help me with my interpreter roll. Techniques that I didn't know I should use during interpretation. It's very important that every person that is planning to become a Medical Interpreter take this training". Mayra A, 2/3/2016

"My experience has been truly wonderful." Shayna K 1/14.2016

"I think the course was well designed" Sonia V 8/30/2015

"Thank you for all your unconditional support Idil :)" Susan S. 3/8/2016